Wednesday, November 28, 2018

More at the North Rim!

Sooo...I submitted some of my pics to be critiqued in my 
photography club... suggestion was to convert some of them to B&W...

Sooo...what do you think?
(This is the same pic as the banner photo.)

Cape Royal...look through the window...then look above
and find the a bit of perspective doesn't it?!!

I did several of these when nearing sunset...
some show sun spots, others sun rays.
In this one, the shadows and light really took on a blue hue 
and brought out the sun spots.

This one has more of the rays and a more purple tone... 
...I thought I'd try it in B&W also!

Which one of the 3 do you prefer?

This is one I had also submitted at the Photo club...
...after I tweaked it according to the suggestions...

...and then I tried it in B&W!

Believe it or not, I didn't touch the color saturation!

And again in B&W. 

Call me crazy...this angle made me think of the Coliseum in Rome!

No clouds for sunset, but lots of interesting shadows!

The colors kept changing...and the dust in the air 
gave the sunset more color!

Our last night at the North Rim, we got to upgrade to a cabin...
right on the edge of the Canyon rim!!!
It was the very last night that the lodge would be open,
so the next day was my last day to do sunrise...
I was hoping to have some of the expected snow in the morning!

Yeah...well...there was definitely snow!!!
This is sunrise on the canyon rim from the door of our cabin...
that grey on the right...yep...that's the canyon!!!
The canyon was utterly and completely socked in with clouds.

We were the last cabin on the rim edge on the way to 
Bright Angel Point.
The bench has a beautiful view of the canyon.... did the day before!!!

The lodge was closing up, and we were headed to 
Sedona so there was no waiting out the day for the 
clouds to dissipate and let the sun come out.

Loved the North Rim!  Absolutely stunning!
Yeah...I'd love to go back!

To visit more little corners of the world, click on the images below!


  1. Impossible to pick a favourite. I've heard of it described as a symphony in stone. That is quite appropriate.

    1. Thanks you William! I like the description of the Canyon as a symphony in stone...

  2. I like the color best. There's more depth, more variety. It's all so beautiful.

    1. Me too! The colors are more subtle in spots that the B&W struggles to show...

  3. It is difficult to make the distant view to black and white. (Low contrast...)
    It is fun to decompose RGB and see the R channel, then overlay it.
    Please try it. :)

  4. I'm pretty sure you can't take a bad photo of the whole area! I love all your images.

  5. I can't pick a fav either and I love monochrome.

  6. Wonderful series - what incredible views! I love your second black and white. I also really like the previous colour shot - though I don't think I'm supposed to say that ;)

    1. Thanks Dragonstar! That one was a last minute decision to convert!

  7. All the shots are excellent. Your post really makes me want to drop everything and head to the North Rim! I'm a big monochrome fan. A couple of these I think I prefer the color (mainly because they better convey texture and patterns). But I prefer monochrome on photo #5. It's all subjective... just my two cents!

  8. ...beautiful images of a beautiful area.

  9. I think often converting images to b&w has some good effect, the colors of the canyon are wonderful and I hate to lose that. I loved all your images. Such a great thing to be able to stay on the north rim, and then to a cabin!!

  10. Excellent set of images! My fave is the 3rd one down...I like the color, contrast, interesting fore-and background. I prefer the color to the B&W version of the banner photo. I think the B&W need more contrast to expand the range of tonality [I use the Black slider in Lightroom to deepen the blacks]. Needless to say, I've enjoyed your northern rim shots from the last two weeks.

    1. Thank you Stanley! Believe me...I used all the sliders in LR!!! Getting the contrast was hard because there was such dust and haze. I used the dehaze also, but it tended to turn the skies weird colors...

  11. Awesome shot . Please tell something about my capture on my blog.

  12. Grand Canyon in colour or B&W just stays great! Point! ;-)

  13. Fabulous shades of colour and layers of stone!

  14. been there once. :) But only for an hour.
    It is not one or the other. Some images has strange colors because of the light, they are much better in black and white. A beautiful place well captured in both color and BW

    1. The textures and layers of color and tone really come out in B7W!

  15. Black and white really makes an impact especially with the texture of the rocks! The color photos are beautiful, too, because of the hues. Awesome photos!

  16. Great shots - and I love the shot through the 'window' in the rock.

    Hope you have a great Christmas - Stewart M - Melbourne


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