Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Checking out Halter Ranch Winery in Paso Robles...

In June, we had the delightful opportunity
to share a few days of fun, frolic, and wine tasting
with good friends...from left to right...
Lee and Diane
Donna and Jim
Su and Gary
and of course...the big guy!!

Great food...great fun...great wine!!!

Our most interesting tour was of the Halter Ranch Winery.
Yeah...well...color was great...really bright...
but somehow Black and White called out to me this time around!!!

The view from the tasting room...

The view as we began our tour...

The Halter Ranch logo...and observation walk for the 
wine making process!

I think you need an engineering degree to work these controls...

There's a lot of wine in these settling tanks!

...and then on to the oak barrels...

Halter Ranch has an extensive underground cave system...
perfect for aging wine...

...and imagining Rod Serling taking us into...

the Twilight Zone!

Do you hear him???

For more Black and White images...
click on the image and link below...


  1. I love the shots of the barrels, they work well in monochrome.

  2. I dig the last shot.
    The aging barrels are good mood. Keep sleeping!

  3. This looks like fun! I haven't toured a winery in a long time. Love that you chose b&w, and those shots of the oak barrels are awesome!

  4. Super series of b&W shots, you were brave going into the Twilight zone 😋 my claustrophobia would have kicked in!

  5. Cheers to a beautiful series of monochromes!

  6. Interesting lineup of people looking thirsty for a glass of wine. Great wine tour photos.

  7. What a wonderful sequence! So many excellent photos, and I love the mood in your last.

  8. All the pictures are really good. Wine tours are the best ! I'm French and I know what I'm talking about :-)

  9. Gorgeous black and whites! Love the shadows! It looks like you had a lot of fun!

  10. lovely. I especially love the barrel images. I´m sure you guys had a great day.

    1. It was a great day! I agree...there's something about rows and rows of wine barrels!

  11. Absolutely amazing impressions!! You're brilliant in bw!!

  12. Such a great group of photos! I'd hate to be the person in charge of keeping all that shiny equipment shiny. If I had to choose my favorite photo of group. I'd have to call it tie between the last two.


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