Friday, May 26, 2017

Our Little Corner of the World...Visiting Sydney Australia!

Sydney was our first stop in Australia...
and what a beautiful city!
We flew direct from LA to Sydney, then spent three days enjoying the city!

Our good friend Cynthia Hayes told us we shouldn't miss the  Queen Victoria Building...
We didn't know it was a mall!!!
But what a building!  And what a spectacular spot for a mall!
Beautifully preserved building and adaptation to the mall specifications.
Spectacular stained glass, don't you think?

Then there's the clock...WOW!!!
Very intricate...lot's of interesting details and moving parts!

This little ship was constantly moving...every rotation was a minute. 
And as you can see, it also denoted the day and I think the year...

Above the little ship were scenes from Australia's history.

If I lived here I might rethink my avoidance of shopping malls!

Are you loving all the stained glass???

The windows were absolutely stunning.

Our first day...gutting through the jet lag.
After the Victoria Building we took off for the harbour to catch the "hop on-hop off" boat!
But first...lunch!

A charming little outdoor cafe on the harbour...
I had my first of many fabulous fish and chips lunches!!!

It was a quick lunch...(in other words I didn't get a Pimm's...)
and then off to the tour boat!

You'll have to wait until my next post for those pics!!!

Click on the images below to visit more Little Corners of the World!!!


  1. Beautiful shots! I follow a couple of photo bloggers out of Sydney.

  2. What a gorgeous building! Really nice photos also. I would love to visit this place. Maybe someday...

    Love your new header photo.

  3. I've seen lots of pictures of that opera house, but never have I seen one that focuses in on the details like your banner photo does. I LOVE it.

  4. That is amazing architecture! I'd love to visit Australia!

    1. It's really a lovely country! And the best part is that the Australians themselves are really fun and friendly people! Any time we found ourselves next to an Aussie...we were in a great conversation with lots of laughter and fun!

  5. Beautiful building and spectacular stained glass, indeed!! Gorgeous captures and aspects! A lovely week to you!

  6. What an amazing building.
    One of these days, I need to get over there.
    When I "embiggened" your great photos, they got even better.


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