Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our Little Corner of the World...cruising through the Lochs of the Main-Danube

Leaving Nuremburg we headed through more lochs...
more magical in the evening light...

This one happens to be the Leerstetten Loch...

It was one of the more daunting loch experiences!
If you've never been in a loch...
the sides of the River Cruise ship were merely inches from the sides of the Loch.

For a little perspective...
to the right of our friend Sean is the measurement of the water height etched into the stone.
(enlarge this to see the measurements a bit better)

Takes awhile for the water to rise...

...and then...all the gate opens and we're sailing into the next level!

And on to the next Loch...
and the next...
and the next!

Then another Loch!!!

To visit more little corners of the on the image below!


  1. geweldig mooi om dit te beleven.

  2. Interesting journey! :)
    Happy OWT!

  3. They are big locks! Beautifully photographed.

  4. Impressive, to say the least.

  5. I didn't think locks were that tall, very impressive.

  6. What an adventure! Canal locks are amazing.

  7. How very lovely. I like the soft light.

  8. I can see why that would be a bit (or a lot) daunting.
    Nice pics, thanks for taking me to a place, I'll probably never see in person.

  9. Spectacular! I felt like I was there with you at all those places...


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