Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our Little Corner of the World...visiting Seehof Palace in Bamberg Germany!!!

Our next stop was Bamberg, Germany...
on our way to the Seehof Palace outside of Bamberg we made several stops...

...this charming church...

Is it still called a creche if it's life sized and outdoors???

 A cool tower...

No matter where you look...there's old world charm...

The interior of the little church...

Not your traditional old world cemetery in Europe!

Entering the gates to the Seehof Palace...
Built in the late 1600's-1700's as a summer residence for the Bamberg Prince-Bishops.
In the 1800's the political-ecclesiastical structure secularized, and this came into private ownership.
While in private ownership from the late 1800's til the late 1900's, the palace fell into disrepair...
Extensive renovation work has brought it back to life,
albeit, primarily for the Bavarian State Conservation Office.
Nine of the restored state rooms are open to the public for tours.

Talk about an en suite bathroom...
what's more en suite than right next to the bed???
and do you see the wall opening next to the commode?
That's so the servants had access to remove the "pot"
after use...without disturbing the room occupant!!!

The Prince-Bishops vestments...

Can you guess what this is???
Think Murphy bed!!!
This folds up and becomes a work area/desk for the sevants...
when it's time for them to sleep, they unfold the bed!!!

This is the back of the fountain in the back of the palace...

 Unfortunately, by the time I got around to the front of it, they turned the water off!!!

Nothing better than a few brews after a long afternoon of sightseeing!!!

To visit more little corners of the on the image below!


  1. er du fortsatt på ferie ? kjempe fine bilder , liker slike bygninger.


    1. Nei ... Jeg gjenoppleve ferien !!! Og dele våre opplevelser !!! Takket Dirk

  2. Wonderful photos! I love the old churches and the beautiful castles. Both are very special.

  3. I believe I would prefer flipping burgers to being the servant who had to empty that commode!

    1. I so agree Petrea!!! Call me an elitist in this case...I'd rather be the Prince Bishop!!!

  4. If that's the Summer home, imagine the Winter home. I love the picture you chose for the header, it's a magnificent perspective. Another stunning collection!

    1. Thank you Wayne!!! And I know...I can't imagine the luxury these people lived in...and yet, even in their luxury, we have so much more. In all our castle tours, they always managed to talk about the stench in the streets because the waste was dumped there...thank God for our plumbing and sewage infrastructure!!!

  5. wat een pracht en praal het is mooi maar wat kost dat per jaar?

  6. Nice post - thats not the most comfortable looking bed I have ever seen!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Who knew the Bishops lived in a palace. Opulent lifestyle and beautiful architectural detail...
    even the plush commode. :)

  8. Fantastic photos of an amazing place. The craftsmanship of it all is hard to believe.


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