Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Little Corner of the World...in Monterey Bay, California!!!

I'm taking a break from our Viking Cruise...

Shortly after returning from our last trip, we found out our house had become 
the permanent residence of termites...
there were subterranean and regular ones munching on the wood holding up our walls...
you name them, we had them. 

Sooo....the tenting was inevitable...
and me...being the chemical phobe that I am...
I had to remove practically everything before they did it!!!
TheChief knew there was no sense in reasoning with me
so he just went along with it...rather good naturedly I might add!!!

So while they tented...we headed to Capitola up by Santa Cruz 
to visit our friends Steve and Sharron.

Steve...being the whale expert that he is...
(long story...involves a beached whale and mouth to blow hole resuscitation)
(I told you, it's a long story!!!)
...signed us up for a whale watching excursion in Monterey Bay....

Now when I heard that we were going whale watching,
I figured it would be a fun day out...
but what can beat seeing breaching whales and 2 bubble feeds while whale watching in Alaska?

Yep!!!  Whale watching in Monterey Bay during El Nino!!!
Thanks Steve and Sharron for an awesome morning of whale watching!!!

so that's one...
there sure are a lot of birds...
looking for anchovies...
a whale delicacy...

 Two...up close and personal!!!

Yep...Steve, the whale expert, knew what he was doing when he booked us!!!!

Hey!!!  That's three!!!

Still up close and personal!!!

Count 'em!!!
One, two, three, four!!!

A high five!!!

Every time we moved from one side of the boat to the other...
there were more and more!!!

We didn't count...
but we think we saw well over 20 Humpbacks...
Yep...you read that right...over 20!!! 
There were also lot's of dolphins...
...and pretty soon...

Orca's showed up...

...chasing, and catching, dolphins!!!

While watching the Orca's chase the dolphins, we noticed that the Humpbacks 
headed into the path of the Orca's chase...
I guess they didn't like the Orca's coming into their territory...
and messing with their friends the dolphins...

It was an absolutely awesome, fascinating day!!!  
And if you're going to be anywhere near Northern California during El Nino...
you should really consider a whale watching excursion...

Some of you may have seen the BBC/PBS show 
Big Blue Live...
We were out there during the time they were filming that...
on the show they mentioned that there was also a Blue Whale in the Bay while we were there
although we did not see it.  

We did see the helicopter!!!

Thanks again Steve and Sharron!!!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks William!!! They were everywhere!!! Hard to miss!!!

  2. What an amazing day and great photos. I've never been close to a whale in the wild.

    1. I'd never been this close before!!! They're magnificent!!!

  3. This is so incredible! I have only seen Mink Whales on an cruise I took from Newport Beach. But, this is another level. Have to make plans for next season.

    1. I've never heard of Mink Whales...Interesting...What made this whale watching experience is the El Nino warm water...they're not usually this abundant in the Bay...

  4. Wow!! Must have been a terrific experience!! Lovely captures too!!

  5. Wonderful shots of magnificent creatures, Kathy!

  6. It must have been fantastic to see in real! Amazing photos!

  7. It seems that they all waited for you to come ! What a show !!

  8. Oh wow, this is an amazing post and awesome photos. I would have loved to have been there! What a cool whale watching experience, lucky you. If you do not mind, I wish you would also link this up to my critter party this Saturday.. Great post! Have a happy day!

  9. These are beyond amazing. I'm especially impressed that the humpbacks came to the rescue of the dolphins

  10. so that´s where you should go whaling. I have been on whaling tours several times but never saw anything more then a fin :( This looks amazing :)

    1. This is an unusual occurrence...the warm water influx from the El Nino weather pattern has created an environment that encourages this!

  11. Wow wow and more wow!

  12. Amazing captures! I'd love to go on a whale safari one day.

    1. It is quite exciting when you see them...and especially when they're this abundant!!!

  13. Wow! What a thing to see. I have seen whale a few times, but none of these classic behaviours - and the Orcas and Dolphins are remarkable. Very jealous!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks Stewart!!! We were blessed to have been able to be there at this special time!!!

  14. wat een geweldig mooie dag hadden jullie.

  15. Het was een fantastische dag Bas !!!

  16. Awesome photos! I would love to see this someday :-)

  17. Your photos are absolutely awesome!

  18. Fantastic photos! Oh what an amazing experience! I would love to do a whale watch! Maybe next year.

  19. Hello, I really enjoyed this post. And the photos are just awesome. I am sorry I am so late commenting, I've been away. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Have a happy weekend!

  20. Okay, I've been whale watching a few times, but even if you combined everything I saw, it would never even come close to your experience. AMAZING!


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