Monday, August 31, 2015

Our Little Corner of the World...visiting Miltenburg, Germany!!!

One of the things I just love about Europe are the flowers in the windows!!!!


And then there are the cool signs...

...and of course, the cool church at the end of the road!

But get a load of this cool building!!!  
Just look at the intricacy of the wood and plaster designs in the wall... 

Miltenburg is a small German village on the Rhine...
it's absolutely charming...
houses and buildings with intricate designs on the wall surface...

 Our guide told us that years ago these intricate designs were covered over by plaster...
then it became fashionable to restore the buildings back to their original design...
Can you believe it???
I can't even imagine covering up these designs with plaster!!!

So here's the group!!!  At least what you can see of us!!!
TheChief and I are on the left with Linda,
on the right it's Sean, with Veronica peeking out by Sean, then Debra, who wasn't in the 
earlier group photo, and Doug is peeking over the heads of Veronica and Sean!
Art is taking the photo...

An interesting store...never could quite figure it out...
I think it was an art store...
"Guntram's painter's Ark
Center of time and
Draftsmanship of Miltenberg"
TheChief thought it was pretty macho... 

Perhaps this was a pretzel shoppe???

Another cool sign...

...and another...
Wait!!!  A Mexican restaurant in Germany???
 I remember when we had to send my sister care packages of 
Ortega chiles, refried beans, tortillas etc.,
because in Michigan and Kentucky the closest thing to a Mexican
restaurant was a Taco Bell!!!
Now they're all over the world!!!

A quintessential European walkway...

Then a walk behind the village, up to the castle...
 with everybody waiting for the shutter bug to hurry up and catch up...

 Quite a view up there!!!

This is the back of the looks like it's been converted to something else...
but we weren't sure what.  Possibly a hotel...or a restaurant?

 TheChief and I posing for a possible Christmas card photo!!!

Then that beautiful walk back down to the village...


Ach!!!  I just can't pass up beautiful flowers!!!!

...or another another cool sign...

...and more window flowers!!!


On our way back to the ship...
TheChief found where their Rotary Club meets!!!

 Click on the image below to visit more little corners of the world!!!


  1. kjempe fine bilder, du har nok hatt kjempe fine ferie !

    1. Vi gjorde Dirk !!! Siden da har vi vært hjemme og på to andre eventyr !!! Takk!!!

  2. I like that funky door above the archway. There is so much to see in that charming town.

  3. The architectural styles really are a marvel!

    1. Speaks of quintessential Medieval Europe to me!!!

  4. love the sign with the star of David on it

    1. I know...we thought maybe the Star of David reflected that the hotel was perhaps related in some way to defying the historical Hitlerian was interesting. Especially because we were soon to be in Nuremburg where the trials were...

  5. The first building after the church is 7 stories high. I counted.

    1. A lot of the buildings were tall...I think this one was the tallest. Most seemed to be businesses on the bottom, and perhaps residences up above. Our generation is the one responsible for the restoration process as the younger generation is building new outside of the's very expensive to restore these beautiful old buildings....

  6. What a charming village!

    1. It is!!! A lovely spot to walk through...then sit and enjoy a good, cold beer!!! (can't quite warm up to the European warm beer concept!!!)

  7. This must be the southern part of Germany as I was thinking Austria. :) Love all those old buildings and narrow streets.

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  9. That is a beautiful city, I love those buildings.

  10. Such beautiful and nice photo series!

  11. Greetings from Dubai! Really enjoyed going through your post and great pics too. Have a great week ahead! Will be back soon...


  12. What a fun trip! I love the castle and the style of the buildings, cute signs, the flowers boxes are pretty. Thanks for sharing your visit. Have a great day and week ahead!

  13. If you think about taking another tour - there is a Rhine tour that goes on that river and visits all the castles along the Rhine - if you like castles that is:) Love the pretzel door handle:) And your chief pretending to be a reindeer:) My hubby lived for three years in Berlin and I joined him that third year after we got married. For a Dutchman Germany id definitely a culture to like! love your pics!

  14. Wonderful tour .... Looks just like Storybook pictures ...

  15. The Chief looks good in antlers.

  16. What a great looking place - I wish I had and more of a chance to travel in Europe when I actually lived there!!

    Cheers - Stewart Melbourne

    PS: I like the antlers too!


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