Sunday, July 28, 2013

More of Ajaccio, Corsica!!!

There was still time left when we finished our tour and got back to the port...
We took a walk around the area!

The island was filled with charming architecture...

...charming little streets...

...and lots of boats!!!

Towards the end of our walk, we found ourselves by the 
Citadelle, Ajaccio de Corsica...

...a beautiful structure that promises protection for the shoreline...
The Citadel dates back to 1492, when the town was founded.
Many historians have indicated that young Napoleon used to go and 
watch the changing of the guard.  It is also said that when Napoleon
was fighting to keep control of France, he never managed to take over the Citadel.
It is also said that after his final failed attempt to take it over, 
he and his family were forced into exile to the island of St. Helena.

A couple of Citadel inmates getting their exercise...

More charming architecture...

...charming streets, and little plazas.

 And finally...back to the port...and back on board!!!


  1. What a wonderful trip so far! Thanks for sharing. I hope to take a cruise sometime in the future but don't know where to yet :)

  2. My very favorite cruise was on Celebrity Xpedition in the Galapagos!!! Transatlantic cruises are great getaways!!!

  3. Just one wonderful discovery after another. There are so many beautiful places to visit in our world.

  4. Love your shots of narrow streets between buildings -- what a great perspective!

  5. What a special place, and your photos are beautiful. Love the citadel especially.

  6. Lovely photos. I fondly remember a vacation in Corsica back in the '70s.

  7. I browse your page, lovely traveling photos you shared here.

  8. There's so much magic when visiting an exotic port!

  9. Wonderfull capturesfrom your trip, greeting from Belgium

  10. oh I like all your captures.

    I just put up my trip .

    Years ago but it was something you will never forget.

    I am a waterbabe and I loved the plane first time and if it was not for the money. I would go again.

    Drop over and see my ships ahoy!

  11. Fantastic photos, interesting places:) Greetings

  12. geweldig om daar te lopen je kan je eigen vergapen aan deze architectuur.

  13. Thank you all so much for visiting and commenting!!! Next stop...Mallorca Spain!!!

  14. Looks very nice have made a lot of nice pictures.

    greetings, Joop


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