Friday, February 8, 2013

Rome at Night....

What could be more fun than a night tour of Rome???

Our first stop was the Fountain Trevi...
But first there was a bit of a hike to get there...
through narrow streets...
past open air food stands...
and into the courtyard crowd...

The lights took on a magical halo...

Still crowded...the Fountain Trevi...
(with a little help from Lightroom)

On the way back, some of the street vendors were selling
this cool light thingy...

Dean Martin
(Click on the song!)

The one problem with our night tour...
the bus driver drove past the sights at a 30mph clip!!!
Hard to get a good pic of the colosseum by moonlight!!!

We did stop at the Piazza Navona to see the Four Rivers Fountain by Bernini...
Unfortunately...the fountain had no lighting at all...
so no photos of the fountain...
but there was this cool street scene....

I think next time we'll check out Rome at night on our own!!!


  1. Beautiful!! I think a vacation is definitely in order. :)

  2. Adoro ROMA a noite ou de dia!!! Meu marido é italiano, de Roma e moramos no Brasil,em Porto Alegre! beijos,chica e ADOREI rever!!!

  3. I like to take a guided tour only once to get a feel for the area, then I'm always exploring on my own. I think you get a better experience that way.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Rome is still on my go to destination.. hopefully i get to see it soon enough :)

  5. I love the backlighting of the colosseum, what a gorgeous shot! The photos are great and one day I'd love to see Rome for myself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  6. Hi Kathryn, thanks for your very kind words in my site. It is an honor to be told that from someone like you.

    I am awed with all your shots actually, especially this night tour, i wonder why you had it at night. I guess i might not be able to get good shots this way. I toured Rome alone a few years back, just dropped by on my way home from Sweden. I had 3 days, so 1st day i walked alone through the ruins, 2nd day someone accompanied me to go to further places which needs transport. I wish i can go back again, maybe try it at night too. I visited your posts on this trip, so thanks for all the information.

  7. Hello!

    I can't find a mail adress, so I'm asking it here. Can I please use your photo of That's Amore on my blog (

    I'm making a page about every hotel and restaurant I visited on every vacation I made. I absolutely loved That's Amore. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it.

    Thank you very much in advance!


  8. Gorgeous pictures ! Rome by night looks beautiful !

  9. Your night photos are just stunning, and amazing!

  10. At 30 mph, you did a mighty fine job of that photo! These are really lovely.

  11. Hi! Wonderful collection of Rome photos. I reminded our travel to FountainTrevi.
    Have a nice weekend.

  12. Heips.
    I love your night in Rome. There is something exotic in your photos.
    I'm glad you visited in my blog.

  13. Thanks all!!! The night tour was definitely a unique experience!!! Thanks for all your good wishes and I hope you all get a chance to visit Rome...night or day!!!

  14. Great photos, I wish I was there! Thanks for the visit.

  15. Wow, looks like a whole lota fun Kathryn!!


  16. What an unique experience it must have been! The Fountain of Trevino and Colossum looks so lovely in the dim light!

  17. very impressive !
    wish to be there too...

  18. Wonderful night shots of the city.

  19. Stunning photos! I wish I was there!

  20. I love wandering the cities on my own. That was the way we did Rome and Florence and the vistas are memorable. Enjoyed all of your pictures because I could relate to them. The "fly by" of the Colosseum is out of this world. What a fabulous job you did with that one. genie

  21. Great photos - O my goodness indeed -- night photography to me are the hardest to capture right and you did a great job - wow wee!!!

  22. That is a dream for me. Great shots!

  23. You take nice night photos that make any place light up in the dark! When did you visit Rome?

  24. What memories. Rome is one of my most favourite cities and what a great job you did with those fabulous night photos.

  25. wow! what a wonderful collection of photographs.

  26. Rome is the city of my heart! I stay there few weeks every year.
    Your photos show the lively Rome at night.

  27. Oh, Rome!! Love this city so much and your images show a perfect impression. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.


  28. You captured Rome at night so well.


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