Monday, January 7, 2013

On to Rome and then Across the Atlantic!!!

And on our first full day in Rome...we headed out to Ancient Ostia...
a large archeological site where the harbour city of ancient Rome was located.
Ostia means "mouth" and of course, Ancient Ostia was at one time, 
located at the mouth of the River Tiber.

Our group...ready for the day...come rain or shine!!! guessed it...Rain!!!

Natalie...a two fisted umbrella whiz!!!

The ancient road into Ostia...
If you notice the walls on the right....the guide took us 
into the the buildings which at one time housed gladiators...
we had to duck significantly when going in
and the guide's comment was...
"If you're thinking Russel Crowe, you'd be wrong...
think more along the lines of Danny DeVito!"
Apparently, the gladiators were not particularly ripped...

This area included shops, an exercise field, and of course, the beloved Roman baths...

Shop doors on the road in town....

Our friend Pat...and one half of the couple
who talked us into this trip!!!

TheChief!!!  Ever the gentleman, relieved me of
the umbrella that was rusted, looked like it was found in a dump, 
and was sold to us by a street vendor for $5!!!
(Moral of the story:  When in as the Romans do...
DON'T buy umbrellas from street vendors!!!)

Anyone up for the theater???

Mosaic floors...I don't know what the elephant signified, but the
second mosaic was in front of a storefront, or restaurant front!!!

A grander view of the theater...

Decorations (?) along the walkway to by the theater...


  1. How I love Rome. Despite best intentions, I haven't yet seen Ostia. So thanks for the tour. Love your header. The seagull is the perfect little flourish to this view of the Colosseo.

  2. Oh this is fabulous. Two trips to Rome, and I haven't been here! Going again in May, maybe just maybe you've inspired me!

  3. Ostia was well worth the trip there from Rome OaklandDP and Mary Gene!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

  4. Rome is wonderful - rain or shine!!

  5. Thanks Tree Hugger!!! I agree!

    Thanks Loredana!!!


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