Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Beach...Another Day of Pure Relaxation and Fun!!!

We took off on our ATV's and headed for yet another fabulous beach...

Yep...that's black sand...

Another day of relaxing in the shade...
soaking up the beauty and indulging in some scrumptious calamari...

The obligatory souvenir towel...

Gosh...this constant state of relaxation is wearing her out!!!

What could be better than sitting on this gorgeous beach, having a beer and eating calamari with good friends and family???


  1. Not many in the water at this beach Petrea...the surf was a bit rougher than it appears...but at the Mykonos beaches..there was a lot of swimming and cavorting in the gorgeous waters!!!

  2. And it was especially divine Calamari Kate!!!

  3. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time! I was born and raised in Orange County so I like the Angels cap too. :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your pictures and landscapes are great

  5. Just so happens we're rooting for the Angels this year too James!!!

    Thank you Elisa!!!

  6. beautiful place!! i was there :) best regards

  7. Thank you Costea!!! Right now I'm wishing that as's snowing again here!!!

  8. I should mention that "here" is Mammoth Lakes CA...

  9. Hi!

    I value your comment so much which you had posted on my blog-post "Skywatch Friday" but unfortunately, by oversight and mistake, the whole post got deleted by me while updating the same and I lost all my most valuable comments from all my friends. I could manage to retrieve the same post after much hardships, however. I hope and would love to see you back on my blog once again...thank you ...


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