Friday, October 1, 2010

First Port...Sicily!!!

Starting our day at the Port of Messina, Sicily...

Then on to Mt. Etna...Heck yeah!!!  I want to climb the largest active volcano in Europe!!!
(How come no one told me it's actually still active before we went up there???)

 No smoke spewing...that's a good sign!!!

 There are actually 4 distinct craters at the summit and over 300 vents along the flanks of the mountain.

There have actually been ash eruptions as recent as April and August of this year...of course, they assured us that they can tell when it's getting ready to erupt so it was perfectly safe....
Tell that to the folks preserved in ash at Pompeii!!!

WHEW!!!  We made it off of Mt. Etna still alive and well, not even a little bit of ash...
On to the next stop in Sicily...Taormina...


  1. Are those vents known as "ash holes?"

  2. Thank you for a much needed laugh Mr E!!!

  3. All this traveling leads me to believe you are really a blogger without a home! I hope y'all are doing well in this very tough economy.

  4. Thanks Cafe and glad you're visiting again!!! We've actually landed for Mammoth Lakes!!! Have you seen my new daily blog...
    Check it out!!!


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