Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pasadena PIO's tour of city hall, in two parts!!!

On May 8, the city of Pasadena's Public Information Officer, Ann Erdman, honored local bloggers by offering a tour of the recently renovated Pasadena City Hall. Ann was a fabulous tour guide and hostess! She told us about the history of the building...from the town fathers city council meeting debating the merits of the key or the crown as the appropriate symbol for the crest, the million plus dollars it cost in the 1920's to construct the building, and the most recent retrofit and renovations...

An impressive entrance!!!

Original light fixtures...

An often photographed of the city hall can be rented for special events, or to photograph a wedding party, or....

I think he was sticking his tongue out cause Virginia wasn't in the crowd...I think he wanted his pic taken by the Master!!!

Ann, doing her thing...and doing it so well!!!

The courtyard and back entrance of City Hall...

One of the most impressive aspects of the renovation was the attention to detail...

The stairway to heaven???

The illustrious mayors of the City of Pasadena...

More in a few days!!!


  1. hey, I love your stairway to heaven.

  2. Chief, one of the most impressive aspects of this blog posting is the attention to detail.

    You're getting as good as your niece!

  3. Some great photos here. I love the stairways. Now I know what you were doing when no one knew where you went!

  4. Nice shots Kathryn. I particularly like the staircase shots and the colonnade shots.

  5. Wonderful details...I loved seeing how everyone had a different take on the tour...
    I see you got Ron in his standard listening pose :)
    The light fixture against the ceiling, the fountain-head, and the staircase looking up are just wonderful.

  6. Thanks Tash!!! It was a fun day with lot's of interesting's a magnificent building!

  7. K,
    These are terrific shots. The city should be paying you for these. You are so right, I would have loved to have been on this tour.

  8. Thanks V!!! You definitely would have loved the tour!!!

  9. What a lovely thing for the city to do, and you all got to step out of the virtual world and meet each other.
    Am enjoying the tour of this fascinating building.


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