Monday, December 21, 2009

Our stroll through Paris...

Here we are in Virginia's beloved Paris!!! And of course, what better place to start than at the Eiffel Tower...
Gustave Eiffel's truly "world famous" structure was originally built for the 1889 World's Fair...Did you know that he originally submitted the plans to Barcelona for the 1888 World's Fair, but was rejected as it was so out of the ordinary??? Also, did you know that he only had a permit for it to stand for 20 years...ownership then transferred to the city of was slated to be demolished, but was found to be too valuable as a means of supporting communication...(Wikepedia)

On to Notre Dame...
I preferred the beauty of the cathedral's interior...

Construction of the cathedral is thought to have begun in 1163 and completed some time in the 1240's...

Between 1210 and 1220 the 4th architect to work on the cathedral was responsible for the addition of this famed rose window (I couldn't find the name of the architect)

I find it fascinating that in these wondrous cathedrals with their myriads of tourists walking through, I still find a tremendous sense of peace and tranquility. I felt honored, and albeit, a bit voyeuristic taking photos while a service was going on...

Onward on our journey...we walk a bit along the Seine...

And on to the Louvre...
I certainly can't compare my shot to Virginia's magical shot of the Louvre and pyramid at night...

Now it appears that this next fellow was as perplexed as I as to why the Parisians felt the need to put this ferris wheel in the middle of the Champs Elysees...

Isn't Paris where outdoor dining started???

As it was getting dark, and we were nearing the meeting place for our return to the ship, we saw this lovely display of veggies...One of my fondest memories of my first trip to Paris many years ago...was shopping in these little corner markets for fresh fruit, cheese and basic traveling diet!!! I remember leaving California for Europe and thinking that I'd better eat a bunch of fresh fruit before I left as there wouldn't be good fruit in Europe...What was I thinking??? I remember eating an Anjou pear with the juice absolutely dripping down my arm...California fruit was never the same after that!!!

Next stop...Normandy!!!


  1. What a wonderful series of photos! Makes me long for Paris. Have a happy trip!!

  2. Thank you Kate!!! Actually, we are now "post trip"...the ship's computers did not lend themselves to posting pics...we are happily back in SoCal!!!

  3. You could've at least invited me, ChiefTess. In the holiday spirit.

  4. Chieftess, here is the url for the blog with the blue poinsettias you requested:

  5. Wow, more wonderful pictures.

    Have a very merry Christmas Kathryn and family.

  6. WOW! These are magnificent, Chieftess. What a magical trip.

  7. Gorgeous picture of the Seine -- exactly as I remember it.

    Can't wait for Normandy. That's my favorite place in the world.

  8. Well here I sit with tears in my eyes. Sniff. Paris does that to me and your photos are just wonderful. Oh my, how can I pick a favorite? I can't , but that pigeon on the statue in Tuilieries is pretty terrific. La tour, well I never ever tire of her from any spot in Paris. I've told Peter that is a MUST DO this trip. A night shoot at la tour is at the tip top of my list. Merci mon amie for this little trip back to the city j'adore. I will stop back by for another look from time to time if I might!

  9. Sorry Cafe...didn't mean to leave you out!!! Do canines go on cruises???

  10. Thanks Kate!!!

    Thanks DD...and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

    Thanks Laurie and Altadena Hiker!!! I think you're gonna like Normandy...

    Thank you Virginia!!! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of the pigeon on the statue!!! But my Louvre pales in comparison to yours!!!

  11. Sorry to be a blog hog, but I want to talk about more of your photos!
    First, the cafe chairs made me long to sit and sip. And Cafe Pasadena, you'd be so welcome in Paris. Everyone brings les chiens along.

    Your Notre Dame interior shots are beautiful. I've only been inside once in 2007. Last summer the hordes made it impossible!! I'd like to think I would climb the towers but it will probably be very cold so I'm not sure about that. I had the privilege to do a night shoot with American photographer Meredith Mullins last June, and I got some exterior night shots I liked very much. There are many many churches in Paris to see. I hope to attend a service at the American Cathedral this trip. I missed it due to an unplanned trip to Charles de Gaulle to retrieve luggage last July.

    Thanks for taking me back to the city j'adore!!

  12. Hey, it's *my* beloved Paris, too! Well, now it's yours as well. Great shots, Chieftess!

  13. I'd love to be sitting with you in the cafe chairs V and P!!! Sipping that extraordinary cabernet with a bit of cheese...whiling away the hours...with Cafe at our side!!!

    I'm so glad my interior shots of Notre Dame came out...I hand held the camera and was very nervous about the low light and exposure...

  14. South of ABama Virg: in this country we K9's bring our humans along.


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