Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rural America...in Los Angeles???

OK...so I had to drive out to Santa Clarita to take some jeans back to the Boot Barn...they're one of the few stores that carry longs in my size jeans. On the way I decided to go have lunch at the Halfway House Cafe...a great burger and you name it joint near where some friends of ours live on the "Old Dirt Road"...honestly...that's the name of the road they live on. Well, I thought I turned in the wrong direction so I made a U turn and there was this cool horse boarding ranch on the side of the road. With camera in the car I thought...ooooh...I can take some pictures out here and show how rural it is, even in LA county...so I stopped to take some pics...

Unfortunately, I scared the owner of this beautiful horse because they'd had some people scouting the area with cameras in hand with ne're do well plans of horse theft etc....my apologies to the owner of Chief (yep...that's the horse's name...pretty cool coincidence, eh?) The owner of the Gentle Barn horse boarding was very gracious and offered me the opportunity of coming out sometime and taking some pics in her ranch...an opportunity I would love take her up on!
After confirming that my only intention was to take pics of rural America, while still in Los Angeles County...I took off and headed for the Halfway House Cafe...

You might just recognize this cafe as it has been in numerous movies and TV spots...it's a great location shot...and just about 30 minutes from LA...depending on the traffic...

Haven't had their Bar B Que but their burgers are great!!!

We're taking off again...goin' on a transatlantic repositioning cruise! We'll only be checking the internet occasionally until mid December...
Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and I'll post again when I get back!!!


  1. Now how could she have mistaken you for a horse thief?
    You weren't wearing that great hat of yours were you? Good thing she didn't have a shotgun and a load of rock salt. Wouldn't have mattered then if the jeans didn't fit. It would be weeks before you could try them on again.
    Hey, did you have a cocktail with your burger? Have a great time away.

  2. Hey DD!!! No cocktails with the burger...and thankfully no shotgun full of rock salt!!! First I'm mistaken as a terrorist, then a horse thief...I must have been a real bad a... in a previous life!!! Maybe if I'd of worn my hat....

  3. A horse thief? You can give a horse away these days; who'd want to steal one?

    But I like those shots. Have eaten in the cafe many times and had forgotten all about it. Must take a run down there sometime.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  4. Sounds like your ranch episode was a bit like my Royal Mail van episode. Sad that cameras make people so suspicious, but we both overcame the distrust!


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