Friday, July 10, 2009

LA Zoo...Animals Too!!!

Yes, there are animals at the zoo...not just flamingos!!!


  1. I drove the tram while a student at UCLA, many moons ago. Got quite fond of some of the animals, and they of me.

    Where in Glendale do you live? I lived in a small house on stilts on Mira Vista, off Verdugo drive. Lovely area.

  2. I was thinking about what it would be like driving the tram when I rode the tram and listened to our driver's spiel...he was very knowledgable about the animals...including personalities!!!
    We live in the Woodlands by Oakmont...I grew up about a half mile from where I am now...returned to marry my hubby after living in Long Beach for about 15 years...

  3. How did u like Long Beach, Chief? LB has always felt uncomfortable to me.

  4. I loved Long Beach...I lived in the Belmont Heights area, close to Belmont Shores...It's both a big city and a small town atmosphere...granted, there are definitely areas of LB that tended toward the unsavory, but overall, I enjoyed it...loved the temperature most of all...about 20deg cooler in summer and about 20 deg warmer in winter!!!


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