Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fantastic Flamingo Fandango!!!

And from whence they come...

I LOVE Flamingos!!!! It all started with my downstairs neighbor...Justine...little did I know that I would grow fond of the pink plastic flamingos she put in the bushes by her window downstairs in our age appropriate upstairs/downstairs duplex on a great street in Long Beach! The first sign that I was succumbing to the seduction of the flamingos was the shower curtain in my 40's style bathroom that of course, was pink and black. From there it was the collectibles which grew into vintage porcelain pieces. Now, in the privacy of my tucked away turquoise tile bathroom circa the 50's, I continue to display my collection year round...with a summer seasonbreak out display in the kitchen!!! What's not to love?
If you're so inclined to go and see what's so interesting about them...you'll find a whole passel of them at the LA Zoo...on the way into the main displays as well as the aviary...


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