Sunday, July 26, 2009

The "Jewel of the Missions"

Known as the "Jewel of the Missions", San Juan Capistrano Mission is a wonderful excursion into the history of California. It reminds us of the rich cultural heritage of California. The Spanish/Mexican and Native American influences abound.
While the County of Los Angeles has deemed it politically incorrect to include the cross in the seal of the county, one can't deny the deep roots of Christianity/Catholicism in California's heritage when one visits the missions. It is a rich and beautiful heritage.


  1. Chieftess,

    Now I know why these look so familiar.
    I worked in CA for about 5 years (traveled back and forth to Michigan)
    One afternoon I drove from Lake Elsinore over the mountains to San Juan. You've captured it so well and so beautifully.

  2. Really nice pics here!
    Curious as to why you chose a dark background for your blog.

  3. i like all your shot. come from Indonesian for see anouther culture. have a nice day

  4. The mission is a beautiful place and your photos are breathtaking.

  5. I am absolutely overwhelmed!!! Thank you so much for your kind words!
    DD I'm glad you recognized the is lovely there!
    Cafe, I chose black because I liked the contrast...I go back and forth about whether I want to keep it black...I have to say I lean toward the more dramatic!!!
    Welcome Jali!!! We like to travel...perhaps Indonesia will be in our future!
    Thank you so much Petrea! I'm a work in progress!!!


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