Friday, July 3, 2009

It Is Truly a Small World....

How many among us are truly aware of the vastly different cultural experiences that are available to us here in Southern California? On Monday I had an opportunity to visit the Hsi Lai Temple in Haciendea Heights. This temple was completed in 1988 after 10 years of planning and construction. The temple was built by the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order (of Taiwan)with the objective of providing a spiritual and cultural center for those interested in learning more about Buddhism. Hsi Lai actually means "coming to the west". The Hsi Lai Temple is an extraordinary tribute to the beauty of Chinese architecture and the inherent beauty and peace in the Buddhist teachings. If you have an opportunity...take the time to visit this extraordinary place.


  1. We've been meaning to see this beautiful place. Such great pictures! I love the rooftop against the sky.

  2. Chieftess Watson: You have some cool pics on this site. "I'm new to this digital...", & "I'm just getting back into photography..."
    Right, Chief. From these photos it looks like you're an old pro who never left!

    Where have u been hiding all this time - in de So Pasa's?

  3. Thank you Cafe Pasadena!!! It's actually been a verrrry long time since I dabbled in photography other than trip pics...but I've always had an interest...and can you go wrong in this beautiful place??? You definitely should make time to see the's quite magnificent and very peaceful...


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