Monday, February 8, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...More Touring of Budapest!!!

Another day of touring Budapest!!!

This gorgeous building is the Hungarian Parliament building...
also one of the beautifully lit buildings I shot as we sailed into Budapest the first night!

Instead of the beach...hanging out on the sides of the Danube!!!

Tri-color Olympic rings at the opening of Olimpia Park...

...led to some clowning around...

...Art and Linda are getting ready for some Olympics!!!

Just look at the detail under this bridge!!!
There is beauty in every nook and cranny in this stunning city!!!

This spot is a little more challenging to get to than the the steps above!

Margaret Island is a lovely spot for a quiet afternoon...
watching the dancing waters!!!

I couldn't resist photographing this precious little sweetie!!!

Under the bridge! 

Just look at the details in this building!

And then there's this one!  Glittering where the light hits its...
it looked like gold leaf!

Heading back to our hotel in the Buda hills, we took the funicular!!!
It was quite a ride with quite a view!

Right outside the funicular door we found Cleo's twin!!!


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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...a Somber Moment in Hungary's History...

You might be wondering why I'm posting a picture of what looks like an old pair of shoes.

They're actually bronzed shoes...bronzed shoes in the style of the 1940's,
And yes...they are bronzed...for a reason.

These shoes stay poised on the Pest side of the Danube,
in memory of the many Hungarian Jews who were shot in this very spot
during 1944-45 by the horrific Arrow Cross Party.
We all know about the Holocaust and are aware of the kinds of atrocities 
that were inflicted upon Jews and others during Hitler's reign.
And while we may have read about Hungary in that time, probably most of us
don't know about the Arrow Cross Party.
 Hitler toppled the government of Hungary and put in its place,
Ferenc Szalasi and his fascist and violently anti-Semitic Arrow Cross Party.
From 1944-45 this vile group freely roamed Budapest murdering Jews publicly.
This group would bring Jews to the side of the Danube, line them up along the wall and shoot them.
The Jews would then fall into the water and the current would take them away.
While facing the militia, the Jews were made to remove their clothes and shoes.
The militia would then shoot them and collect the shoes after they had fallen into the water
as shoes were a valuable commodity during the war.
Sometimes they would take shoe laces and tie several Jews together at the wrist.
Then they would shoot one.  When the dead body fell into the water, the others
would fall with them and they would then freeze to death or drown in the water.
Sometimes, the militia would practice target shooting the Jews who were still 
alive when they were in the water.

I can't even imagine the horror these victims faced.

 How can one human being inflict such horror on another human being?
I don't understand such hatred.
I don't understand such cruelty.

When I was in Dachau, I walked through the camp by myself.
I swear I could feel the pain of the people who were there.
This memorial was every bit as poignant.

The memorial was conceptualized by the film director Can Togay.
Gyula Pauer was the sculptor who brought the memorial to fruition.

Each shoe is a tangible memory of the people who wore them and died there.
There are men's shoes, women's shoes, and tragically, even children's shoes.

Unfortunately, we continue to live in a world where unspeakable evil still exists.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Edmunde Burke

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...More Touring of Budapest!

Continuing on through Budapest...
...we made a stop at the Heroes Square.

Now...the interesting thing about Heroes Square isn't so much the grandeur of the
memorial figures...or the grandeur of the large square...
what's amazing to me is that the square was constructed to celebrate the
one thousandth anniversary of Hungary....
Hungary is 1000 years old!!!
That's pretty impressive!
She's gone through many an upheaval and incarnation,
but she's been in existence for 1000 years!!!

I'm sure this building doesn't date back a thousand years...
but I'm darned sure it wasn't built in the past Century either!

The detail is exquisite...
...and another reason Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

I do regret that we didn't get into this beautiful Temple.
The Dohany Street Synagogue is the largest synagogue in Europe.
It is gorgeous from the outside...and I've seen photos of the interior,
and it is equally gorgeous on the inside.
To go inside we would have had to go back to it the next day, because on this day...
we were heading out to the country side for a horse show!!!

Clouds were starting to roll in...
but the country side was beautiful!

I was hoping for something a bit more Cavalia... was more of a cheesy history lesson of Budapest and the importance of the horse
in their collective history.

It was amusing!

And Art got to show off his skill with a whip...
can you see it???
He was actually pretty good!

Then we went for a little ride...

Then there was a walk through the farm...

...and the stables!!!

While the day was cloudy...the rain didn't start until we were on the bus heading back to our hotel!
I loved the abstract pictures made by the lights...

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...Visiting the Buda Castle District!!!

The Buda Castle District, in the hilly area of the Buda side of the city,
is a beautiful little area...
Such a nice area to start and end our days in Budapest!!!

Down one of the side streets near our hotel we found a little outdoor coffee spot...

Complete with a bit of local music and color...

A perfect spot for neighborhood kids to enjoy a scoop of gelato...

...or enjoy a cup of tea or Espresso with Linda and Art!!!

There is beauty everywhere in Budapest...

Just look at the beautiful detail on this bridge!

Within walking distance from our hotel we found lovely cafe with outdoor tables...
with a wonderful menu highlighting local foods...
have you ever had Töltött káposzt?
That's stuffed cabbage rolls!
Tasted just like my mom's!!!
(No...she wasn't Hungarian, but she was 100% Swiss with lot's of 
experience traveling throughout Europe, including Hungary!)  

A yummy local wine...
(I dare you to pronounce this!)

And take a look at our local ambiance as we walked back to the hotel!
(The St. Mathias Church at night!)

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