Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Corazon-Rotary Super Build 2009

Once again, the South Pasadena Rotary club, in conjunction with Corazon, participated in another successful Super Build in Tecate, Mexico!!! Rotarians from So. Pas to Las Vegas helped Corazon to build a house on one site and a room for their school on another site. In the meantime, the Corazon group from Mexico built another house at the 3rd site. Mother Nature was good to us as it stayed in the mid 80's this year, about 20 degrees cooler than last year!!! And as you can see by the photos, there were considerably more trees with opportunities for a shady spot to sit...
This school site houses two school programs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The building we built on Saturday will be used to house the Director's offices for both programs which will then open a room that they will use for a computer lab. If you're interested in the cause...Corazon is looking for donations of computers and ceiling fans for the school! Yes, they do have internet!!! http://www.corazon.org/
It was a weekend of hard work and great reward, with a lot of fellowship thrown in for good measure!!!
A word of warning to those venturing across the border...upon your return, make sure to dump the fruit...or you may find yourself on the Border Patrol watch list for illegally transporting fruit flies across the border!!!!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful. I'm darned proud to know you and your wonderful hubby!

  2. What an awesome accolade!!! Thanks Laurie!!! You'll have to join us in Tecate next year!!!

  3. Hello Chieftess (Kathy),
    These are great photos and I loved the journey. Thanks for sharing your love of nature with us.



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