Sunday, June 3, 2018

Traveling on the Queen Mary...

"It is better to travel well than to arrive."

We travelled well on the Queen Mary while never leaving
Long Beach port!

This is the main shopping area on the Queen.
A few Rotarians resting up before the festivities of the conference.

In case you're not familiar with the story of the Queen Mary,
she was an ocean liner in the Cunnard fleet, and she first set sail in
She was the most luxurious ship afloat in those days,
with unprecedented luxury and "forward thinking technology".
During her "glamour years" she was known as the grandest
ocean liner ever built, and was a favorite of British Royalty.
Hollywood celebrities and dignitaries also flocked to
sail with her.

In August of 1939 Hitler invaded Poland.  The Queen Mary
was at sail and was ordered to run a zigzag course during
blackout conditions.  Bob Hope was on board at the time,
and reputedly tried to entertain the passengers to keep the
atmosphere light.

During WWII the Queen was known as the "Grey Ghost".
She carried almost 800,000 military personnel.
Adolf Hitler even put a bounty on her...and offered $250,000
and the Iron Cross to any U-Boat Captain that could sink her.
Winston Churchill sailed on her 3 times during WWII,
and even signed the D-Day Declaration while onboard.

She resumed service in 1947.
From 1947 until 1960 she continued to sail the seas
in the luxurious splendor she was known for.

She was retired from ocean travel in 1967 and was sold
to the City of Long Beach, California.
She currently resides in a stationary port in Long Beach Harbour,
and is a hotel and popular attraction.
It's been fifty years since she retired and she's showing her age.
She is currently also in the process of renovation while still remaining open.

Sir Winston's is a fine restaurant and is open to the public.
Tours are offered to share the history of her luxurious life. share some of the stories of her hauntings!!!

If you visit Southern California, put her on your list of places to visit!

For more images in B&W, click on the image and link below!


  1. Lovely photo. The Queen Mary is a grand old lady, with an amazing history.

    1. Thank you Dragonstar! She is definitely the Grande Dame of the High Seas!

  2. What an amazing history she has! A wonderful relic of the past indeed!
    Lovely image too!

    1. thank you MagicEye! She is definitely a large part of WWII historical events...without her, the allies might not have succeeded!

  3. I love B/W images like this - they seem to have so much atmosphere.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thank you Stewart! I love my Nikon d750...this came out quite dark...and thanks to the great camera, and a lot of LR tweaking I was able to turn it into this!!! Loved the lighting in the ship!

  4. Very interesting history! Thank you for sharing. Good stuff.

  5. ...what a classy way to travel.

  6. Love this photo! I love the history of that ship.

  7. Oh la! How fabulous she must be Kath, I'm guessing the decor is Art Deco for that period, are they restoring her in the original style? I'm slightly green with envy, would love to board this ship ☺


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