Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our Little Corner of the World...Visiting Sydney, Australia, Day 1!

On our first full day in Sydney, Australia, we hopped onto the "Hop on-Hop off" boat
for a scenic trip around the harbour.
According to our guide, Sydney harbour is the second largest harbour in the world!  
It's really massive and includes numerous smaller harbours...

Now...I'm not going to bore you with the names and descriptions of all the buildings I shot...
basically because I don't remember which ones they are or what was memorable...(haha!)
But, being that I'm a visual person and a photographer to boot...
...well...I'm definitely going to inundate you with photos!!!

Now...some of you may know and recognize this bridge...yes...it's the famous
Sydney Harbor Bridge...
You'll be seeing quite a lot of this bridge throughout my Australia posts!!!

If you're counting...that's 2!

Sydney has a lovely skyline!
And I loved capturing the reflections of the other buildings in this tall one!

And yes...this is the famous Sydney Opera House!
There are many more pics to come of this architectural beauty!!!

See?  It's a beautiful skyline!

Lot's of boating going on in the harbour...

Yep...that's 3!!!

Our first stop of the day was none other than...
Watson's Bay!!!
For those of you who haven't read my bio...
TheChieftess (that's me!) is aka Kathryn Watson!!!

On the very right hand side of this land mass is Sydney's first nude beach.
We were too far out for any good shots or I would have posted a grander pic of the beach!
Our guide on the boat told us that back in the 50's and 60's there used to be a law about
how wide the bottoms of a two piece swimsuit could be.
The officials even carried a measuring tap or stick to measure the sides!
Well, the Aussie people didn't like that all that much...
...and one day, the beach goers all dropped their drawers and went au naturelle!!!
Ever since, this and several other beaches are designated as nude beaches!
(we didn't test that out...but our guide was pretty adamant about the story!)

This building reminded me of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood...

See that yellow and green ferry?  That is the public transportation ferry!
It's kind of like a cattle ship...lots and lots of people!

Yep...that's 4!!!

See the tower on the left?  That's the Sydney (Weisfield) Tower.  And yes SoCal folks...
that's the same Weisfield as many of our malls.
You can go up there (for a nominal fee) and get a pretty expensive...er...expansive view of the city.
But if you want to go to the upper deck, it's even more money...
Fortunately for our bank account, we were there late and the upper deck was already closed. 

This is the entry to the Taronga Zoo...it's supposed to be a really nice zoo...
but it was out of our price range for the last hour of the day so the only animal we saw...

...was this Elk head on the building!!!

We took a great gondola ride back down to the boat though!

Just after the crowds boarded the public ferry, we were waiting for our Hop on Hop off boat...
...and I saw this cute couple taking pics of their cute baby.
I'm guessing they're pretty new at this baby stuff!

And another shot of the Sydney Opera House as we make our way to the next stop!

We were heading into a glorious sunset...but you'll have to wait until the next post for those pics!!!

To visit more little corners of the world, click on one of the images below!


  1. Great pics. And I love the smiles on that couple!

  2. wonderful! I visited Queensland 2 years ago but was not as far south as Sydney. Looks amazing.

    1. Sydney is a wonderful city! Filled with wonderfully fun and friendly people!!!

  3. A beautiful city! Terrific shots!

  4. I understand you can visit the top of the Sidney Harbor bridge, I bet that's not cheap either. Fabulous shots!!

    1. You can! As a matter of fact...in a future post I'll be showing some crazies who were up there at night!!!

  5. Great Sydney shots. Those office buildings are International Towers at Barangaroo and the Gateway building at Circular Quay. And Sydney Tower stands above Westfield shopping centre and that company has its origins in Australia. :)

  6. Places I recognise! There is a huge rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne - shame you could not make it to the better of the two!!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Although I'm not a huge fan of big cities, I have to admit that this is a gorgeous skyline.
    Really nice photos Kathryn!

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