Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World....Going on an Elephant Walk!

I don't know about you...
...but I was (and still am) a huge fan of movies such as Hatari
and Elephant Walk.

So is it a wonder that I jumped at the chance to ride an elephant???

Who can resist this face???

As we arrived at the "Elephant Ranch"...
The elephant trainers rode the elephants out for us to meet and greet.

This is Danny...
Do you think it's a coincidence we rode Danny?
Not only was he named after TheChief...
...but he was the biggest of all the elephants!!!

Some got to ride individually on the smaller elephants...
...others rode two at a time.
And of course...we had a couple of little stragglers!!!

It didn't take long to get used to the motion of the elephant's walk...
...a slow, rhythmic walk, similar to a horse...
...only much, much bigger!!!
Each of the elephants were guided by the trainer who sat in front...
...we, the riders, sat behind the trainer and just enjoyed the ride!!!

These two young-uns followed us throughout the ride.

Now mind you, elephants have a bit of a mind of their own...
...especially when they're hungry and they see a tasty looking tree!!!

I have to admit that I had a bit of animal rights angst about the whole concept.
Were they captives?  Were they well treated?

So I asked the trainer about it....

He told us that the elephants are not captive.
Most of them had been rescued, and when necessary, nursed back to health.
There was an enclosure of sorts that the elephants stayed in over night,
but it was open, and they are totally free to come and go.

He told us that one of the females took off awhile back and was gone for about 6 months.
She came back, and is continuing to stay.

A few of the elephants were born while in the encampment
and they've stayed with their mothers while growing up.
The two young ones were born here.

The elephants were well cared for.

Big Danny was quite accommodating to us when it was picture time...
...but I think he was more interested in snacks!

They're quite regal animals aren't they?

No...that's not a tear.  Just a bit of goopy eye junk!!!
This is one time when massive wrinkles are the highlight of a picture!!!

This little one liked the idea of snacks too...

This girl had a great time...she was there with her parents...
...but she rode a smaller elephant by herself.
She laughed the entire time!
She has a great smile!

For more images from Little Corners of the World...
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  1. Magnificent animals! Beautiful shots!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity. I was glad to read that you asked about their well-being as I was wondering, too. These are great photos and, I'm sure, great memories.

    1. It was really gratifying to hear what the trainer said about the care the animals got. We went past the enclosure that isn't a full enclosure and was pleased to see it as he said. The elephants appeared quite healthy...

  3. majestetiske dyr og flotte bilder !

  4. I can see your concerns, but they appear to be very well cared for. It's hard to imagine anything as cute as a baby elephant.

    1. Those young elephants were darling! Mischievous and playful just as any young kid or animal!

  5. The elephants are lovely, and I'm glad to hear they are treated well.

  6. so tolle Fotos.Besonders gefällt mir das Schattenbild!!!

  7. dat zijn wel hele bijzondere momenten.

  8. Elephants are impressive and intelligent. I should like to go on safari one day, if there is still time enough for me.

    1. One of the best experiences of my life Reader Wil!!!

  9. What an amazing experience!

  10. You don't see that everyday. At least, I don't. But I have been on an elephant before at a Ren Faire.

  11. Wow! These photos are amazing! This must have been an experience of a lifetime and you have captured it perfectly through the eye of the camera!

  12. Wow! These photos are amazing! This must have been an experience of a lifetime and you have captured it perfectly through the eye of the camera!

  13. What an absolutely amazing adventure. The elephants do seem happy; and I admire animal rescue places. Interesting that the one elephant left and came back. But I have read that they are very family or clan-oriented and I suppose she must have missed her friends.

  14. Oh, how fun! Talk about being up in the air! Such beautiful creatures!

  15. What a great experience! They're magnificent animals.

  16. Gosh, what a great opportunity. I am so excited to have you linking up with Life Thru the Lens. I do hope you keep coming back and linking up, this post was so much fun. Your photography is fantastic as well. You really captured the day well.

    Lisa @ Life Thur the Lens (

  17. Amazing animals and gorgeous photos of them! The entire time I was looking at this post (and still), I have the Baby Elephant Walk tune in my head. That was the theme song to Hatari, right?


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