Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In case you haven't figured it out...I LOVED Mykonos!!!

The whitewashed buildings with the blue shutters and doors...

The rock houses...

Oh Yeah!!!  The ATV's!!!

A cool Inn...

Wait?!!!  How'd we get to Holland???
No...they're the Mykonos Windmills!  Built in the 1600's by the Venetians to grind wheat...

White washed walls AND rock!!!

Those awesome ATV's!!!
Even though ours was a bit of a putt-putt...it was a BLAST!!!

Hmmmm...were any of these part of the Onasis fleet???

Our home away from home!

The view from the ship...


 Checking out Sean's new iPad...

Hmmm...where shall we meet???

On our way to Ephesus, Turkey!


  1. oohhh stop torturing me with these amazing fotos -- it's freezing cold here now in the midwest and i miss greece!!!

    if you have a moment, stop by to check out my fotos of greece!

  2. It looks wonderful. And I've always wanted to go to Ephesus, so I eagerly await the next installment.

  3. stunning pictures... they bring great memories from our vacation there :)
    thanks for sharing.

    have a great weekend

    cheers from Uruguay :)


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