Friday, October 9, 2009

The Ultimate Boy Toys...

Yesterday we got back from Denver, Colorado and the ultimate boys will be boys conference...the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Now, you might mention, there are quite a number of successful women in this organization shattering that increasingly fragile glass ceiling...but let's face it girls...there's a real testosterone rush seeing all these toys!!!
The competitive juices start flowing as soon as you walk into the exhibit hall. One of the women who has made it to the rank of Police Chief was once described as "a woman who likes to roll around in the gutter, then go shopping for shoes!" (And I have to note here that she absolutely agreed with this description of herself!!!) Having retired from a career working with juvenile offenders who were in psychiatric residential placement following incarceration in juvenile hall...I can relate to that concept.
All kidding aside, it has been a real pleasure and honor for me to join my husband at these conferences and for me to meet the many men and women who so honorably serve the public.


  1. Hey, I don't see any Corvettes in these pictures. I can see one sitting by the side of the highway with the police insignia on the side. I see a lot of brake lights coming on. Whoa Nellie.

  2. WOW! Look at all those shiny things!

    That little one looks a bit intimidated by all the other muscle...

  3. DD: I know quite a few cops who would love to test your theory about Corvette police cars...

    Laurie: Not only did they shine, but their big ol' lights flashed and flashed!!! The little one didn't have the flashy lights and shiney chrome, but it still drew a crowd!!!

    But my favorite of this crowd is the guy in uniform with his cowboy hat looking wistfully at the motor!!! (That's cop talk for motorcycle!)

  4. Women are still a big dog nose ahead of autos with this male k9. At least they give me a good petting.

  5. You, my dear, never stay put. (I like the scooter.)


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